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Introducing the WNR-TPG! A fully featured and upgradable tool used for calibrating your arcade, classic computer, and television CRT display collection. Created by die-hard arcade and console gamers, the WNR-TPG is a premium tool for the beginner, advanced user, or anyone in between. Designed around the classic Nintendo DMG Gameboy shell, the WNR-TPG is compatible with all aftermarket gameboy shells, buttons, rubbers, and uses the existing TPG to CRT adapter cables you may already have.  Running off standard AA batteries the WNR-TPG gets over 20 hours of battery life and is upgradable with off the shelf DMG USB-C Li-Ion packs. 20 on screen tests Including 16 default user selectable patterns and 4 burn in-screens the WNR-TPG also includes over the air Wifi updates for new code improvements and user customizable test patterns so you can load your own pattern screens or a picture of your dog. Easily navigate the on-screen menus and interactive burn-in screens using the standard D-pad and buttons we all know and love. The integrated help menu will also teach you what patterns are best to use for each test and avoid wasted time trying to hunt down a user manual. 

On release the WNR-TPG will be available as either a standalone board, or packaged with a standard set of buttons and shells allowing you to customize your TPG look. Want a clear shell and glow in the dark buttons? Check. Want something sleek all matte black and stealth? Absolutely. Want a custom printed shell with your company logo or favourite game characters? You got it. White North Retro will be partnering with existing aftermarket console and handheld brands around the world to bring you a ton of customization options. Price TBD, (but will be at or below the existing market offerings). Shipping 2023. 

-ESP32 based microcontroller
-12,000+ colors
-20+ hours of battery life
-256x224@60hz 15khz
-256x224@50hz 25khz
-Device power indicator With Low Battery Warning
-Compatible with both Standard and Medium Res
-Colour Inversion switch for Sanyo Monitors
-Physical RGB Cutoff switches
-WiFi Updates
-Custom Test Patterns
-Web Interface
-RCA Component outputs
-Discrete bench power inputs
-Standard arcade monitor header
-Negative and positive sync
-Composite sync
-Easy to use interface

Standard Test Patterns:
-Solid Red, Green, Blue, White, Magenta, & Yellow

-Grey Bar
-100 IRE
-Interactive Dot

Standard Burnin Patterns:
-Plasma metaballs
-Mystify screensaver
-Falling blocks
-Rug pattern


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